Friday, December 28, 2007

Taare Zameen Par - A Review

Well first things first,I initially thought of writing a review in a non-judgmental way and put across to you just my opinions and let you be the judge, but what hell before you read this review I wanna tell you a simple thing,YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE,its a brilliant effort on the part of the writer/Creative director Amole Gupte and Producer/Director Aamir Khan,hats off to both these guys they deserve a standing ovation,and now for a small review

Well to start with I am not gonna tell you the story(isnt that obvious),but what I am gonna tell here is,why you should watch this movie apart from the points I mentioned above.

1)The kid : In the role of Ishaan Awasti is Darsheel Safary who has given a mind blowing performance,I am completely at loss of words,believe me there couldnt have been a better boy playing this role,its just made for him,there are scenes where you will laugh,where you will cry,where you even become numb,so part of the credit goes to Amole and Aamir in portraying the emotions the way they have been shown,but Darsheel Safary deserves more than a pat on his back for his acting.

2)Sensible handling of the subject: This is something which I have seen rarely in a Bollywood movies,thats why Taare is a must watch,the way the subject and emotions are handled makes you want to hug Aamir Khan and thank him a zillion times for making a such a beautiful movie.

3)The story: I feel the story has played a major role in making the movie such a cult hit(after a few weeks its gonna be one), Amole Gupte who has penned both the story and screenplay and who also had donned the cap of creative director has done an outstanding job(though I feel he will be in the shadow of Aamir in terms of publicity),but nevertheless Amole Gupte is definitely the man to watch out for,btw I IMDb'ed Amole Gupte and it said he shares the writing credits for a movie called 'The Hangman',I dont think its been released I would love to watch this movie for sure.

4)Overall performances : Everybody in the movie has given a performance which I am sure they themselves will rate amongst their best. Tisca Chopra as Ishaan's Mom is particularly brilliant,I am impressed for sure, and the Dad's role donned by Vipin Sharma came as a surprise I was kinda apprehensive in the beginning about this guy but he kinda proved me wrong giving a surprise performance,especially in the 'Hum bhi apne bete ka khayaal rakhte hain' scene and last but not the least Yohaan, Ishaan elder brother's role he too has given a natural performance,overall there is nobody in this movie who has given a mediocre performance.

5)Music and Lyrics(in other words the songs) : I think Prasoon Johsi is always the back office guy in the movies he writes lyrics since he is away from the media glare all the time(except for the awards he gets for creating those brilliant ads) ,I mean look at his lyrics they're awesome,not only is the poetry part but also the meaning and the way he puts it,but still he never hogs the limelight,I feel he is too underrated,especially the Maa song in this movie kinda reminds me the Maa song from Rang De(cant be expressed in words),and also Shankar-Eshaan-Loy the music director trio are at their usual best,with some catchy music and btw I got a chance to hear them live and they sound awesome.

Phewwww I can go on and on and on and on in praise of this movie,but I realize you need to watch this movie(if you havent seen it yet),so after this review(I hope its ok since its my first)
whats the base point then? simple Go and watch this movie,there is no way you can miss this,this is undoubtedly the best movie I have seen in a real long time(hindi movie)Chak De didnt appeal to me that much as I felt it was among the usual Bollywood Masala fare.
so watch Taare Zameen Par and be amazed.

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SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

the movie as a package is awesome..
touched a different yet important subject.. i think u might have figured that the kid's character in the first half was picked toally from Calvin's character (calvin and hobbes one).. in fact they put up the whole 3+7 thing from the strip..
but again.. i loved the movie.. the best this year...