Sunday, April 27, 2008

Customer Care of the Govt of India

I know the first thing that comes to the mind after seeing the post title is whats new in such a thing, well yes its nothing as to what I am talking about, but even then its a lot different, well let me elaborate, When I talk about Customer Care of Govt of India it means having a centralized and common customer care to redress the issues concerning common people, I know right now Railways have a customer care of their own(which i terrible since it takes forever to reach to what you want), and other depts have online communication through mail, but when I say Customer care it means, whenever we i.e., the common man face any problem regarding any service that the government provides, or we have a complaint regarding anything related to the government or we are unhappy about anything we can directly call a Govt Customer Care(GCC), its like this for example the other day I was traveling to a particular place and in the middle of the road a Bamboo tree had fallen obstructing almost 7o% of the road, and this was hindering the traffic the fact that nobody was doing nothing about this except use their best driving abilities to manoeuvre around the tree on the road rather than doing something to solve the problem i.e., get the tree from the road, then I thought why is this happening? I mean there is a forest check post just 20 metres from this spot(which obviously is closed) still the tree lies there in the middle of the road, then I thought well the public cant do much even if they wanted to, whom are they gonna complain? where is the mode/channel of with the concerned Govt authorities? . All this led me to an idea that, why not have a GCC? I mean cell phone companies have it and we know the advantage of such a thing then why not the same with the Govt? I know it may not sound too tempting but believe me its not just about filing a grievance but when we do that we are actually registering a complaint which can be traced back at a later date and a responsibilty put on the Govt regarding a particular issue, this will help problem getting solved in a easier.

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