Saturday, May 3, 2008

Of Emraan Hashmi and Salman Khan

Well well well, here I go again getting into my cussing shoes, for two most distinguished actors(supposedly), Mr Serial Kisser(Puker) Emraan _______ Hashmi(I hope he knows whats in the blank poor chap) and Mr Salmaan Khan(I hope the Mr prefix is correct too). The reason for my hatred with these two people is simple, they are absolutely overrated by the public, lets take these idiots one by one first lets start with the lesser overrated one, Mr Emraan Flush-me.

Mr Flush-me is the top 2nd over rated actor in Hindi film industry today, if you look back none of this losers films have ever been a hit(for true cinema lovers who dont but for story and other things care for a hit neither have they been any close to good), and if you observe closely enough you will also see that they have been popular musically, almost all of Emraan's films have been huge hits musically. Well if you ask me I see something weird here, how is it possible that almost every other movie can be so crap in terms of performances and story and everything except the songs? I dont know if many people believe what I do, that Mr Flush-me uses a simple trick before he signs a movie, he listens to the music and the songs of the movies he signs(and who the heck produces them another horrible xerox machine and pseudo intellect Mr Mahesh Bhatt), I dont see any coincidence as to why they have to be so horribly horribly bad and yet their songs can be good, dont you think its quite possible, I mean its quite possible that Flush-me knows that nobody comes to his films for HIS acting(for f*** sake accept it that nobody goes to his movies to watch HIM but to watch sleaze and the heroines). I dont even understand why, his movies have to have a pakistani singer every time?, why cant these guys promote Indian singers(is there any dearth for talent in India?) I mean why promote singers from a country which doesnt allow our singers/movies in their country? well many people might think I am prejudiced in writing this, heck if at all I am thank God I am.

Now coming to the loser par excellence Mr Sell-Maan Khan, well this guy is extraordinarily mediocre and absolutely lacks brains(yeah you would say which Khan has brains except Aamir ans Shahrukh[in a way] ), the truth is Mr Sell Maan has never done anything that deserves any praise absolutely nothing, thick guy seriously lacks basic intelligence. Like Flush-me his films have good songs but horrible acting and story(cmon dont cite examples saying for instance Partner was good it was total rip off of Hitch so lets not get into that cause the more we do the more you will know that none of his films were good), and talking about Andaaz Apna Apna, he has not acted in that movie but he had to play himself I mean he didnt have to act he wasjust told to be himsef in that movie :P, I agree though that Maine Pyaar kiya was ok but this loser has never done any cinema which jolted/inspired the audience, for instance being long Aamir has done some brilliant movies and Shahrukh a few too but Shell-man(cuz he is hollow) jus took off his shirt and did crap movies with horrible acting, and about his off screen image and behavior lets not delve into that, everybody knows about his loser.

So if you are a Salman or Hashmi fan post hate comments(what more can I expect from fans of stars who themselves lack brains?) and if you have logic/reasoning/intelligence I dont have to tell you what to write :P


Tady Rox! said...

I'm not totally familiar with Emraan Hashmi's work...but don't even get me started with Salman...I have never been able to understand why people like him...I try very hard to avoid films with him...unless it's with SRK {Number 1 Fan!!!} like in Karan Arjun...but I just can't stand his 'acting.'

aham said...

hehe,it baffles me too but the fact is sallu's fans are mostly uneducated people who would never accept him in say a SRK ala Swades or Aamir a la Lagaan so he sticks to films that appease his fan base, thats why he is still stuck on horrible films, but what I dislike more than sallu's acting is his offscreen antics(be it drunken driving and killing innocents sleeping on roadside or the blackbuck hunting).