Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What do you do, when you see your dreams shattered when you feel the whole world crumbling down?? what do you do when you fail miserably and what do you usually do when it gets off your limits, well the standard answer that I get from myself and many others is that 'I Tried', heck you did cause nothing happens without you or somebody else trying so why state the obvious then you may ask, cause simply thats the truth, I dunno if this is making sense but the 'I Tried' is the only sane thing that you can make out of all the mess and chaos that you have put yourself in, and 'I Tried' is the closest thing before the result that you can say safely and feel good that you did something, so its always 'I Tried' that people talk about, well I know its not making much sense what I have written so again I will say, heck 'I Tried'


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