Friday, September 19, 2008

What do you think?

when something is new to us say a new person, a new movie, a new book anything that we have not known and we hear about these them from people, and whatever these people say actually has a lot of effect on how we perceive them, for instance there is this movie you have heard from somewhere and you check its imdb page and see its rated say at 8.3/10 or you hear about how good it is from a friend and you go on to watch the movie, i am pretty much sure that you will like the movie more than what you would have liked without you knowing anything about the movie, and you randomly saw it, the same applies if there is a negative sentiment about the movie, even though I am saying this to a movie you can as well apply this to when you know a new person, or anythign you have encountered before, you might say I am extending the adage 'First impression is the last impression' well in a way yes, but thats important is why have your though process influenced by anything like this? I would rather watch a movie I dont want to hear a thing about the how good/bad it is, I jus watch it and later check the rating to see if it matches mine or not, I dunno if this has made much sense but all I am trying to say is that we are much more influenced by opinions than we think we are and most of the times it might be counter-productive, what fo you guys think?

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