Friday, November 27, 2009


even the word terrorist screams error.

Nothing can justify violence,nothing can justify any amount of justification to pain by any means.


Bullets ripping through the air
pain and scream loud in despair
blood spilled out everywhere
humanity in distress,but do we care?

these times are tough to say the least
for some people, killing innocents is a feast
terror raises its ugly head, dances like a beast
as terrorism makes itself felt, north, south, west and east

what do they achieve by depriving somebody their life?
how long will we let religions keep humanity in strife?
terror,insecurity,fear,perplexity are in rife

lets pledge to deal with terror and its creators firmly
cause its never too late to set things in order, its now
Soon we will see light at the end of the tunnel, maybe a single ray
the same light that will light the lives of the coming generations.


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