Sunday, February 6, 2011

Upcoming Blockbuster

The 2G Scam is so 2010, India deserves a better,updated and fresh scam, and in the anticipation of the scam which has so happened already but not yet out,The 3G Spectrum Scam in short 3G(remember the controversy surrounding 3G allocation and the constant delays) ,here is the synopsis about it.

Production : Congress Prodctions in association with UPA Productions financed by 'We,The People' Productions.

After successfuly brining you their previous blockbusters such as 2G and CWG and much loved classics such as Bofors we proudly present our new venture a sequel to the blockbuster 2G-The Scam, this time bigger budget(to loot),bigger cast.

Title: '3G'(Punch Line: Uncle Scam wants you, alternate punch line: Scam or Sham who gives a damn)

Plot: The story is as usual, run of the mill story of this nation,A loots B,B loots C,C loots D,D loots E so on and so forth, not a new story but still the people will relate to it,eventhough there will be a deja vu feeling with the story,common man's lethargy will rule the day paving way for many more sequels.

Genre: Horror/Drama/Crime/Suspense/Thriller/Comedy/Action

Directed by : Laziness and and sab kuch chalta hai attitude of the common man.

Music by : Cacophony of crows,pigs,dogs and wails of people crying in despair

Stunts/Action : None from the common man to stop it.

Cast: Politicians,Common man in short You,me,We,Us everybody.

Release date : Coming soon to a misery near you.

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