Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ran Tho

India in a way is a communist nation, at the outset it has a democratic setup and calls itself a democracy but if you look deeper you see patterns of communism in this country, for ex India has different states which are ruled by respective state governments which in turn report to the centre, each state has its own budget depending on budget at the centre and each state has its own election, so people of respective states vote for their local government, now take the case of Karnataka, people of the state elect their government democratically, the government implements particular policies for the people who voted for them, but as per the constitution of our country any citizen can travel anywhere and work, so say a person from UP/Bihar comes to Karnataka constitutionally it might not seem wrong, but logically he has not stake in the elected democratically functional government of Karnataka but he reaps the benefits of the locals having elected a progress oriented government while the people who voted for a good government might not even get the benefits of the policies of the government they so rightly elected, There is no motivation for guy from UP/Bihar/Tamil Nadu/AP etc etc to elect a progress govt in his own state, cause he knows that even if the govt he elected in incompetent and doesnt give a damn about development and jobs there are already government in Karnataka/Maharashtra/Gujarat etc where he will definitely get a job. so isnt this in away a kind of communism i.e., immaterial of the govt I elect even if it is incompetent I will still reap the benefits of good governance elsewhere and at the same time immaterial of the good govt I elect here in Karnataka I probably will not reap the benefits of it cause somebody from some other state has got a job and I dont, if this is not communism then what is?

The simple solution is reserve some percentage of jobs say 50% or 60% at the minimum for locals of any state, this way the people who were responsible for good governance will at least reap some benefits of their actions, this way other state people where there is a incompetent govt will feel motivated to elect a govt which focuses on their problems, this way other states will create more jobs and on the whole the country progresses, this irresponsible behavior of some states thinking some other state will create jobs for citizens of other state neglecting the native people is leech mindset, it should not be encouraged.


Rajiv Krishna said...
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Rajiv Krishna said...

That's a good insight, but i don't see how that can be communism. It's really unfortunate that govt. of karnataka is not doing much to kannadigas in Bengaluru itself! They don't have that 'bhashaabhimaana' at all...:(

ಪಕ್ಕದ ಮನೆ ಹುಡುಗಾ ! said...

Very fresh point of view. I liked it.