Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shit Indian Politicians Say.

I saw many videos on youtube recently like Shit Guys say or Shit girl say etc etc which made me think why not write something about our beloved politicians who are nothing but a load of cliche in every way, I cant make a video(I wish I could),so here are some of the stuff I hear from Indian politicians so much that its annoyingly trite,read on.

Shit Indian Politicians Say

1) I have not seen the report in its totality, I will comment once I see the report
2) The matter is subjudice, I cant comment on this issue
2) Let the law take its own course
3) We condemn this as a brutal act of terrorism
4) The government has failed on all fronts
5)The government has lost all its credibility, the prime minister should step down immediately
6) Arnaub Arnaub, let me speak let me speak
7)My dear friend from the opposition should know that
8)This has been done to tarnish my image
9)I see an external hand behind all this
10)Vote for us
11) I am innocent
12) I have done nothing wrong
13) There is no question of me stepping down
14)We demand a CBI probe into this incident
16)Vote for us
17) The government has no constitutional authority to continue
18)Its a black spot on democracy
19) Constitution cannot be written on the streets
20) The communal forces are behind this
21)We are staging a walk out in protest
22)A investigation committee has be constituted and it will submit its report soon
23)Vote for us
24)All the allegations leveled against me are totally baseless
25)There is not a shred of truth in the opposition's allegations
26)The perpetrators of this heinous crime will not be spared
27)Anna Hazare cannot blackmail the constitutional practices
28)Vote for us, we will eradicate poverty
29)We will give you TV sets, Clothes, bicycles
30)If voted to power we will
31)A unanimous decision has been taken
32) The talks have been unproductive, we will be meeting again.
33) Arnaub Aurnauub let me finish let me finish first.
34) Madam will take a decision regarding the matter
35) Our main agenda is development.
36)Coalition dharma demands us to do this.
37) We will win all the seats in this election
38)Booze has flowed like water in the election from the other side
39) The MLA's have been shifted to a resort in Goa to avoid horse trading.
40)Our support to the government is only on conditional basis
41)We have lost a great leader, he was a honest and able politician.
42)We are supporting the government from outside.
43) we have met the governor/President and given out letter of support to him.
44)He was a leader of the masses.
45)I cant believe that the opposition can stoop so low
46)We are just following what previous government policy was.
47)Price rise is being taken seriously, we will see to it that the common man does not bear the burnt.
48)The budget is a total waste of money, we demand the resignation of the fin minister.
49)This is best budget ever, we congratulate the finance minister for such a pro-people budget.
50)We accept the people's mandate and respect it.

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The Long Soliloquy said...

You should have made a video on this, all of them are pretty bang on. LOL on 24 and 25.

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Your posts are quite interesting as well not to mention the subject matter is right up my alley (film, politics, and general musing)So consider me a follower of the Odd Man In.