Sunday, February 12, 2012

Horror movie cliches

Is it just me or there is absolutely no horror movie with normal thinking people in it? i mean why do horror have utterly stupid,dumb idiots? just because to progress a story which would fall flat if the characters acted smart at the very beginning?, i have seen a lot of horror movies and none have characters with basic IQ values, i dont expect geniuses in a horror movie but cmon, i know some people may call me sick for saying this but watching all that stupidity engulf the screen, now whenever i watch a horror movie i have started to feel that maybe these dumb idiots deserved to die(is that sick to think of?).

Also every horror movie has to happen in a big fu**ing house with 20 rooms at least,why cant someone shoot a horror movie in a one room house?
When any freaky things happen people get alerted but not in a lot of horror movies they act like nothing has happened, it might sound childish but how about when you feel something is going to happen a particular night call a lot friends on a party with people roaming everywhere in the house(lol) just to throw the ghost off its plan

I know the ultimate aim of a horror movie is to scare people and all the above act against that very purpose, but I am sick of the cliches that horror movies offer.

P.S: now thats some rant but seriously off late i am getting furious watching horror movies, for once cant someone make a horror movie which is challenging and not just scary, where a character challenges the ghost with intelligence and smartness and the gives the ghost some homework to do before it does its job of whatever it does?

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