Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mind: Lost/Found

Mind: Lost/Found

My mind met with an accident
and both of them ran away
i told my friends about the elope
my friends said 'man have you lost your mind?'

i tried to give a police complaint about my mind
the police asked for proof that it existed
told them that my screwed up life was the proof
my mind is a fugitive on the run, they'll catch it soon

its been a week that i lost my mind
still no word from my beloved friend
now i have doubts if it was an elope or a kidnap
my mind can't do anything interesting to elope i felt

couple of days later i finally got a call asking for ransom
it was my ego that had kidnapped my mind
and in lieu of my mind all it asked was me and my life
i laughed and told my ego i am you, you are me

P.S: Since I got my mind back, i am feeling that my mind has developed a kind of Stockholm syndrome with my ego, I am yet to take revenge from my ego, it messed with me, I am gonna hurt its ego now.

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