Thursday, March 15, 2012

What if?

How much great it would be if there was a 24hr dedicated information and investigative TV channel which helps people, like if any common is facing any problem from any govt official/department to get his/her work done as per law, the common man can contact this channel and the channel will accompany with a camera crew film his experience at the govt office and put it for the world to see, first everyone knows that everyone behaves differently when they know someone is watching them,and of that someone is the whole nation they definitely would desist from corruption atleast as long as they are on camera, I know they might turn back to corruption once they get off the camera but the point is instill a sense of fear in public servants that the common man is not hopeless but he has a voice which can turn into a roar which the whole country can hear, I just think that this would be a great idea, why nobody has tried something like this, no prizes for guessing everybody knows why.

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