Monday, April 16, 2012

If India had invaded England first???

Imagine if India had invaded other countries like say England even before England invaded us, what would happen to the

names of the cities in UK, obviously not being able to pronounce English names we would have changed to suit our tounge

like the British did to our cities, many of which we even use till date.

So here is a list of few cities and how we might have called them.

Birmingham - Bramhagaon

Manchester - Manuchestara

Leeds - Leedpur

Glasgow - Glaasgaavi

Edinburgh - Eddinadurga

London - Londhaam

Liverpool - Livaarpur

Bristol - Bristuru

Lancashire - Lankashehar

Sunderland - Sundarakaanda

On a serious note, I dont think we Indians would have changed any name of any city, I am sure we would have learnt to pronounce them the way locals do, unlike the Britishers who couldnt pronounce even the simple sounding names of Indian cities.

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pavan said...

awesome sense of thinking... best as glasgow