Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things we so readily accept

Have you ever seen an Engineer or for that matter any employee of any company printing out pamphlets and advertising in his/her company that he/she did a particular thing for the company? NO right? cause thats part of the job thats supposed to be your duty as an employee, you cant boast about something that is your basic duty if you do something beyond the call of duty then only it deserves some praise, but that too from others not from you, else it would be called narcissistic. But take the case of politicians, when you walk down a road, any road in any city of this country, you will find hoardings put up by different politicians with a big photo of theirs saying they are sanctioning so and so road repair work, sanctioned so and so drinking water project, but as I said earlier isn't this the basic duty of a leader/politicians I mean isn't that the reason why they are democratically elected in the first place? then why advertise as if they are going beyond the call of their duty and doing something for the public, when in fact they have done and still doing so little, if we go back to the comparison with other employees, if we behaved like politicians we would do only 1% of our basic duty and that too shabbily and put posters of ourselves all over the company that we have done so and so. How on earth do we accept such ridiculous practices from our great leaders is beyond me.

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