Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to improve Kannada Film Industry

Five point formula to improve the Kannada Film Industry.

1) Ban Remakes & Revoke dubbing ban: If anything has to be banned its not Dubbing but remakes, the worst virus affecting KFI is the vast number of remakes that are done every year, if KFI really wants to draw back the audience and even expand the market base then remakes should be banned, I know its easier said than done, and if KFI doesnt have excellent writers to create new stories in that case copy from outside India and dont pay money(as a last option), isnt that what other film industries are doing and earning respect and money?

2)Movie promotion : The 2nd point that KFI should work hard on is promotions, tie up with companies,malls, brands, and promote the film to reach out to the youth, Producers pour so much money in a movie, but when it comes to promotions they hesitate, use Internet media aggressively.

3)Actors: Take actors who are apt for the character he plays, I have seen so many movies fail because the story revolves around the youth and the hero looks like worthless, it doesnt mean we should ape Hindi films where no matter when that character is the hero will always be good looking.

4)Home Video: Right now KFI treats the home video market as if its non existent which is so not the case, Movies release on DVD a year after the theatrical release? why so much delay? I say any movie should be released on DVD at the max 6 months from its release, if the film didnt do too well the sooner would be better. and for god sake keep the video clean, we are not interested in knowing the postal address or the video company name while watching a movie, dont act so desperate and spam the screen with rubbish.

5)Be democratic :Ask the people of the state what they want, hold seminars and ask selected audience to speak and know the pulse of the audience, be a little democratic and dont complain when the audience doesnt support your movie, get market research done from some reputed firm and act on it.

If KFI wants to survive it has to change, they should stop being so lazy and get shit scared with some language movie is released, KFI has taken its audience for granted, and if this continues then a few years down the line, KFI will be in even worse condition than it is already in, wake up KFI stop being complacent and get your act together.

P.S: For those people who use Dr Rajkumar's name every time there is a mention of dubbing and how he opposed it, for god sake decades have passed now shouldn't we re-think the strategy? since we can clearly see the KFI hasnt done as well as expected despite of the dubbing ban and besides if we are going to follow Dr Rajkumar's words even today, you think he would have like so many muchu longu movies and so many remakes that KFI does today?

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