Sunday, January 12, 2014

A typical Indian st(o)ory

India has a typical way how things happen or dont happen, it goes like this there is a service/product/thing which should be readily available and is very much needed to the people like say water,sand to build house,transport to different places etc etc now assume that such things dont exist at the place or there is no legal/proper mechanism to provide such things where they are not readily available, in such cases to fill this gap/void unorganized people or organized illegal entities step in and people get what they want now it so happens that these stop gap entities do things in shady way or do things at their own whims and cause more trouble to the people and they are of help and this goes on and on for years sometimes decades, finally the govt body think it should provide the services they were not available to the people before, so it tries to see the possibility of such a step but by this time, the arrangement which was supposed to be stop gap has become a big entity possibly with enough political clout and it sees the government or organized sector entry as a threat to its interests and you see protests and pressure tactics and the cry that somebody's job is being taken away, and the organized legal entry which is more convenient to the people either gets delayed or in many cases never reaches the people.

A very simple instance the above is the example of sand mafia, sand which is very essential to build houses should be provided by government at a price if not should be entrusted to private companies even if such a thing is done lot of people take sand illegally which should be stopped by the government, none of which has happened, so now there are lot of illegal entities possibly many political leaders or their ilk supplying sand, and this goes on unabated for years until there is public outcry for some wrongdoing now government out of public pressure wants to control the sand mafia but the sand mafia has grown into a big monster with political interest sitting on top of it, and the sand mafia is now a difficult entity of control. This is a typical story of our country, dont provide proper services to the people let an illegal entity to step in grow and flourish and become big and finally when there is a public outrage about it,act like your trying to do something and the illegal entity bites you back.Just another day in our country.

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